About Us

System in Motion: helping businesses grow in China since 2004

Company Facts:

Stephane Monsallier & Denis Gihan - Founders and Managing Directors, both many years of IT background at the service of multi-national companies, created System in Motion in 2004.

Our Strengths:

In a dynamic and constantly evolving market, the ability of companies to quickly adapt and anticipate has become crucial for staying ahead in an ever-increasing competitive environment.

We help our customers successfully meet their business challenges through the design of specifications, development, integration, management, and evolution of critical IT applications and business process related issues, and keep their competitive edge.

Our objective is to enable our customers to benefit from cost-effective and low risk business management solutions, based on the combination of technology expertise, the advantages of working with China and a guaranteed quality, up to Western standards and expectations.

We provide details analysis of customer needs, sophisticated methodology and close communications with customers throughout the project phases.

The key characteristics defining our choice of solutions that fit your needs are:

  • Fast Return on Investment / Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Less risks of implementation thanks to a choice of modular solutions
  • Easy and fast implementation
  • Agility / flexibility / scalability
  • Easy to integrate
  • Easy and fast adoption due to friendly user interface
  • Customisable
  • Dynamic and constantly evolving thanks to productive roadmaps
  • No source code lock-in



a wide range of easy-to-implement solutions


plug-and-play solutions until your business grows bigger


built from scratch solutions for your unique requirements