Without analytical perspective on your company data, how can you make strategic decisions to grow your business?

Our Business Intelligence solutions integrate and consume data across your entire company to create simple, accurate, realtime reports. The solution is a powerful analytical tool which brings quick and easy adoption. User can create, maintain and use all reporting features, without requiring any IT skills. This solution helps you aggregate, categorize, and analyze large sets of data. Imagine 100% accurate information across your entire business at a quick glance, saving you time, money, and, most importantly, costly mistakes.

Choose System in Motion for your BI
We are an IT company based in Shanghai with experience of numerous successful IT solutions implementation for world known medium to large size companies.
As the first ReportOne partner in China, we deliver the most powerful, customized, and cost-effective BI solutions on the market.
We use well-thought, flexible solutions and rapid implementation methodology to deploy your BI solution with accuracy, quickness, and flexibility.
We have qualified integration experts allowing us to integrate our BI solution into your existing systems ( ERP, CMS, eCommerce, legacy, flat files, Excel files, etc. ).
We have an extensive industry expertise covering: fashion & beauty, food & beverage, industry & manufacturing, services & consulting.
We choose the most adapted BI solution to meet your company’s size and requirements and to support your constantly growing business.
We have global experience working with companies from all over the world with a thorough understanding of the Chinese market.
Our bilingual team will help you implement the most suitable solution to support your business,and train your key users in multiple language.

A sample of our Customer Sucess Stories

We work with BI, and here's why
MyReport is a reporting and decision support tool for Management, which can be made accessible to all personnel of your company. It allows you to easily access, use, analyse, and control data from any applications to create, save, automatically update and distribute your dashboards & reports, using Excel® interface, and distributed to other users.

Our choice of technologies


.Net is the key technology to develop desktop applications on Windows and mobile applications on Windows mobile.


All business applications make extensive use of relational database, to persist critical business data. System in Motion have an extensive knowledge and experience on designing and deploying database.

Building business application requires general knowledge of SQL, database schema design, and more in depth expertise on specific database engine (mySql, Oracle, Postgres, etc.), optimization skills, and even low level internal programming (store procedure, external modules, kernel interaction, etc.).