Do you want to be the last one selling online?

Our eCommerce solutions effectively deliver your products and services online, giving you access to more customers with less hassle. Imagine thousands of satisfied customers using your intuitive online shop, while you efficiently manage the orders through your state-of-the-art management solution.

Choose System in Motion for your eCommerce
We are an IT company based in Shanghai with the experience of numerous successful IT solutions implementation for world known medium to big size companies.
As partner of Drupal Commerce in China, we deliver the most powerful, customized, and cost-effective open-source eCommerce solutions on the market.
We use pre-existing modules and rapid implementation methodology to customize your eCommerce solution with accuracy, quickness, and flexibility.
We have qualified integration experts allowing you to integrate the eCommerce solution into your existing systems ( ERP, CRM, CMS, BI, Tmall, 3PL, etc. ) .
We have native ready-to-use order integration between tmall, taobao, the most popular Chinese online shops, and a bilingual, state of art, ERP open source solution.
We have global experience working with companies from all over the world including a key advantage in the Chinese market.
Our bilingual team will help you implement the most suitable solution to support your business,and train your key users in multiple languages.
We have an extensive industry expertise covering: fashion & beauty, food & beverage, industry & manufacturing, services & consulting.
We choose the most adapted solution to meet your company’s size and requirements and to support your constantly growing business.
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A sample of our Customer Sucess Stories

We work with CMS, and here's why
Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems allowing you to easily publish, manage and organize a variety of content on a website. Drupal runs on any technical architecture.

Our choice of technologies

Open source content management platform
multi-browser JavaScript library
the markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web and a core technology of the Internet.

All business applications make extensive use of relational database, to persist critical business data. System in Motion have an extensive knowledge and experience on designing and deploying database.

Building business application requires general knowledge of SQL, database schema design, and more in depth expertise on specific database engine (mySql, Oracle, Postgres, etc.), optimization skills, and even low level internal programming (store procedure, external modules, kernel interaction, etc.).

Server-side HTML embedded scripting language