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Openbravo's open source innovation offers a broad functional footprint, and a fully integrated set of tested extension modules. This allows Openbravo to be adapted to support your business, and spares you the challenges of changing your business to meet the limitations inherent in most legacy systems. Agile ERP from Openbravo is different: it features a lean, flexible architecture that allows you to adapt the software to the needs of your business, not the other way around.

We work with ERP, and here's why
Openbravo is the world's leading web-based open source ERP solution trusted by more than 6,000 organizations around the world.
It was honored for the fourth time as one of the Best of Open Source Applications in ID's 2007, 2009, 2011 & 2012 InfoWorld Best of Open Source Software (Bossie) Awards.
Easily extensible and upgradable to create your best-fit solution, thanks to its modular nature providing comprehensive applications, including Accounting, Sales, CRM, Procurement, Inventory, Production, and Project Service Management.
Easy and fast adoption by users thanks to the User-friendly interface, without the complexity of unused features.
Easy to integrate with Other Applications. Openbravo's open API allows simple integration with other enterprise applications.
Web Based and Cloud Ready: employees can access the system and be productive from anywhere in the world using their preferred internet-enabled device such as Mac or PC, tablets and smart phones.

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Openbravo is the most successful open source ERP software. Available on the cloud, on mobile, it's truly design to improve users efficiency.