Home's Up

Home's-up & Click-Jia
Adeo Group belongs to the Mulliez family and is the leading French player in the International DIY market. The group manages 25 companies, including several retail networks in Europe, and other parts of the world.
Adeo Group brings to China the pleasure of enhancing living experience by providing high quality decoration items. Making your home unique and build a comfortable environment that reflects your personality is not that easy in a market of mass production and large population.
Adeo Group first created 1 social media platform click-jia, to start the discussion with people interested in home decoration. They then started an online shop Home's Up, to sell quality decoration items, and retail spaces in Shanghai. After the launch of their website, they entered several marketplaces.
System in Motion supported Adeo’s deployment, through each phase of their growth.
We use BI, and here's why
MyReport is a reporting and decision support tool for Management, which can be made accessible to all personnel of your company. It allows you to easily access, use, analyse, and control data from any applications to create, save, automatically update and distribute your dashboards & reports, using Excel® interface, and distributed to other users.
We use ERP, and here's why
Openbravo's open source innovation offers a broad functional footprint, and a fully integrated set of tested extension modules. This allows Openbravo to be adapted to support your business, and spares you the challenges of changing your business to meet the limitations inherent in most legacy systems. Agile ERP from Openbravo is different: it features a lean, flexible architecture that allows you to adapt the software to the needs of your business, not the other way around.