Etam International Sourcing

ETAM group's buying office in Asia
Since Etam opened its first lingerie store in Berlin in 1916, it has grown into a global Company, with 4,300 stores in 40 countries. Dedicated to women’s fashion through its brands Etam, 1.2.3, Undiz and Prêt-à-Porter, the group offers accessible fashion and lingerie.
Etam International Sourcing (EIS) is a procurement office 100% dedicated to all of Etam's fashion brands: Etam, Prêt-à-Porter, Etam Lingerie, 1.2.3 and Undiz. Headquartered in Shanghai (China) with a liaison office in Dhaka (Bangladesh), EIS is composed of a multicultural team, and an ever growing network of suppliers, factories and partners all over Asia. EIS is organised in three business lines: woven, knitting, and lingerie, to better address the specific needs of each type of product.
We use ERP, and here's why
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