Gateway to China

Cocoon Group is a sourcing company founded in Shanghai in 2005 to support relationship between China, Europe and other emerging markets. Cocoon’s mission is to help its clients make the most out of China and assist them in dealing with fast moving competition, deep cultural differences. 5 years after its creation, Cocoon Group is proud to have become a 15 people multicultural team with trustful clients in more than half a dozen countries

We use ERP, and here's why
Openbravo's open source innovation offers a broad functional footprint, and a fully integrated set of tested extension modules. This allows Openbravo to be adapted to support your business, and spares you the challenges of changing your business to meet the limitations inherent in most legacy systems. Agile ERP from Openbravo is different: it features a lean, flexible architecture that allows you to adapt the software to the needs of your business, not the other way around.