World-known Clothing Brands

With more than 2,300 stores around the world, the Beaumanoir group distributes world-known clothing brands. From their headquarters in Saint-Malo to the doors of Asia in Shanghai, Beaumanoir addresses women with its brands Cache-Cache, Patrice Bréal, Scottage, Morgan or La City and both men and women with Bonobo. The group's first steps abroad were made in China in 2005, with the Cache-Cache brand. Six years later, thanks to the successful establishment of the brand, the Beaumanoir Group opened its 1,000th Cache Cache store in Tianjin. Groupe Beaumanoir has celebrated the success of its chinese development with the opening of its 300th store in June 2010. Today, the Group is present in Europe, Asia, Middle East and in Africa with more than 1,000 stores.

We use BI, and here's why
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We use ERP, and here's why
Openbravo's open source innovation offers a broad functional footprint, and a fully integrated set of tested extension modules. This allows Openbravo to be adapted to support your business, and spares you the challenges of changing your business to meet the limitations inherent in most legacy systems. Agile ERP from Openbravo is different: it features a lean, flexible architecture that allows you to adapt the software to the needs of your business, not the other way around.